2014 Review: Freelance Life
1.081 days ago - December 31, 2014

This year started great as a new life in my own business. I left my 8 to 6 job to offer graphic and digital services and develop exclusive products. That was a huge difference in my learning experiences and building other types of projects, like web services and blogs.


Start to work as web developer increased my programming and web design skills a lot. I’ve got a huge understanding of CSS, Wordpress and PHP, and about Front End technologies.

Management was a new skill that I’ve learned just working in my freelance routine and made a huge difference in my business plan and organization.

Jobs & Clients

In my first year as an entrepreneur, I have made about 50 new projects, for 16 new clients. Of these, 7 were new websites, 23 were prints and 20 were digital marketing.

Studies & Projects

I’ve finished my 2-years Post-Graduation course about Digital Marketing and Social Media. And created Colorbits, a blog about Design and Creativity.

New Home

In August, I’ve moved to a new home with my boyfriend in a new city Jaraguá do Sul.


Bruno and I explore more beaches in Florianópolis and new places in our new city Jaraguá do Sul.