How We Rescued 3 Little Kittens from Abandonment
1.138 days ago - March 7, 2016

After a local ong released a call for pick up 3 little abandonment kittens in a construction site, we drive there and found 3 very tiny guys. After a quick visit to the vet, gathering some pet milk and nursing bottle to feed them, at 1pm we had 3 full-tummy kittens sleeping in our home. We are gonna stay with them until they are stronger to find their own home :)

Weeks and days listed below are about their lifetime. I hope it helps you if you found some little cuties too.

Week 2: Breastfeeding

In this week, they are really small and fragile. They don’t know how to pee or poo by themselves as the cat-mother do it for them. They need to be feed in 3/3 hours as their stomachs are really small.

Feeding: powdered pet milk / 3 in 3 hours
Bathroom: massage their belly and but with a warm wet cotton ball
Sleeping: 3 or 4 hours with hot water bag and heater if it’s cold
Movements: start to walk but with a low balance, tries to feed on their littermates.



We found this 3 little guys abandonment in a construction site. :(

Day 10 (02/03)

Harder than I thought. Kittens wake up in 3 and 3 hours to breastfeeding and we need to help them pee. The vet said that they are about 20 days, but researching at Catdepot about their development, I think they’re about 12 days. They don’t know exactly what to do with the baby bottle.

Day 11 (03/03)

They’re still screaming louder when to wake up, but I think it will get better. One kitten had made poop for the first time. They feel really cold so I’m using a heater and a hot water bag. Looks like they loved it.


“I think I loved this heating thing.”

Day 12 (04/03)

All of them had poop and are peeing more. The process is like breastfeeding, pee/poo, clean, breastfeeding… repeat. It took us 1 hour each time to get them sleep again. Usually, 2 of them are sleeping and the third one is bothering them.

Day 13 (05/03)

Still hard for me to wake up. The biggest of them can climb the paper box to get in and get out. We put an old blanket on the floor for they walk by. They poop all over it.

Day 14 (06/03)

Kittens are walking so much more and their legs are becoming stronger. They’re pooping more frequently and if we didn’t pay attention, other ones pass by and step on it. Mess all over the floor and the kitten (uck). We get some baby sheets at supermarket and kitten sand. Sand helps to avoid the smell but they don’t know how to use it yet. Bruno staid with them this morning, so I could catch up my sleeping.

Their baby bottle.

Their baby bottle. They drink one of these every time. Sometimes more.

Week 3: Breastfeeding

They are getting stronger and likes to explore. They sleep less and less frequently and breastfeed more.

Feeding: powdered pet milk / a little bit of wet ration
Bathroom: massage their belly and but with a warm wet cotton ball
Sleeping: less sleep for lower time, stays more time playing around
Movements: walking better, legs are stronger, starts to explore


Day 15 (07/03)

All kittens now can climb their paper box. We are using an open paper box by day so they can get in and get out when they want. By night, we put them in a closed box with the hot water bag. We start to separate them to sleep sometimes ’cause one of them want to, and the others want to stay awake.

Day 16 (08/03)

They are sleeping better at night. The cleaning routine is quicker with baby sheets and they are eating more, but they take more time to sleep. Still no success to feed them with wet ration, they just eat one or two pieces. They keep playing around with each other.

Day 17 (09/03)

Babies now are playing around. They’re grooming themselves and their littermates and keeps playing with each other. We are using an open box so they could get in and get out of bed when they want to.

Day 20 – 21 (12/03 – 13/03)

One kitten made poop with a little bit of blood, so we take them to a check-up at the vet. She gave them an oral vermifuge, that they should take for more 2 days. One of them get a shot to evacuate, he reacted well and didn’t have diarrhea, just normal poop.

Look how I'm bigger! - Week 2 and 3

Look how I’m bigger! – Week 2 and 3

Week 4: Finally Independent!

Babies are sleeping soo less, and this week they start to eat ration and pee by themselves .

Feeding: dried ration / less powdered milk
Bathroom: doing by themselves in about day 25
Sleeping: sleeps all night, stay awake a lot more at day
Movements: jumping, hiking and playing aroung

Day 22 (14/03)

Kittens are bigger! Now they can climb the sofa and mommy’s legs (if I am wearing pants). They didn’t have any bad reaction to the medicine and are eating well.

Day 23 (15/03)

They really enjoy to catch some sun in the morning.

They really enjoy catching some sun in the morning.

Day 24 (17/03)

Kittens eyes are changing color. I think tiger’s will have green eyes and grey one will stay with blue eyes. Let’s see.

Day 25 (18/03)

We bought a sandbox and they are using it! *happy dance* It’s nice to see how they learn everything so fast and by themselves. They start to eat ration too! *happy dance again* They’re eating so much more and more frequently.

Day 26 (19/03)

We don’t need to help them with pee time anymore, they’re doing when they want to and learned how to control it.

Day 28 (21/03)

Kittens are running, that’s so cute! And are playing with us. Especially when we say them to don’t do it! They’ll do it and run away. It’s really funny.

Week 5: Independency Start

We completed the process of weaning them.

Feeding: dried ration / little powdered milk
Bathroom: everything is fine here, sometimes playing around inside sandbox….
Sleeping: sleeps all night, stay awake at day, take some naps
Movements: running, jumping, hiking and biting everywhere and everything

Day 29 (22/03)

Mommy is photoshooting us!

Mommy is photo shooting us!


Eating time (again)

Day 30 (23/03)

After some web scientific research,

W e found out that we have Two girls and a boy! Grey one is the boy.

Day 31 (24/03)

We need to travel this weekend, so we took the babies to a nice lady that could watch them these days. She has a little female cat too, too bad that she didn’t like them :(

It seems warmer here

It seems warmer here

Day 34 (27/03)

Babies come back home after the weekend. That lady that take care of them was lovely. They’re drinking water by themselves now and are climbing everywhere. They’re drinking so faster from baby bottle now, that baby milk will evaporate.

Kittens coming back home.

Kittens coming back home.

Day 35 (28/03)

They’re spending most all time playing around and climbing our sofa. They refused to sleep in their bed and slept on our sofa tonight.

Week 4: Everything is Fun!

Babies are now children and play a lot with each other.

Feeding: dried ration
Bathroom: sandbox (didn’t use it if it’s not clean)
Sleeping: sleeps well, wake up about one time each night
Movements: playing a lot with each others, biting things

Day 36 (30/03)

Kittens now discovered how to climb in our bed.

Day 37 (31/03)

And likes to spend time very close to us.

2016-03-31 17.51.00

Day 50 (13/04)

This was the last day that Jackie stayed with us. She was adopted by a nice lady with a teen son. We spend our afternoon playing together.

Jackie, some kind of smiling to me :)

Jackie, some kind of smiling to me :)