Booking Hackathon, All Women Edition
627 days ago - July 31, 2017

Last week I was in HeadQuarters in Amsterdam, being part of the most awesome Hackathon, All Women Edition promoted by them.

45 women around the world were select to participate between more than a thousand subscriptions. 

In just 2 days of work, 8 groups presented new travel solutions to improve user’s experience.

Our solution allows to improve the hotel search using the map functionality, selecting points of interest (attractions, restaurants, metro stations, streets or any other point) e shows the better hotel options between that range, and featuring the best hotel option. We used APIs of Google Maps, Yelp and

Our team HACK-5 received the Honour Mention and I could met awesome and talented women that works daily with tech.

Thanks for this kind of effort, made by companies and people, we have the possibility to balance and diversify the working place, where women are just 25% of the work force in tech.

Different heads, different ideas.