Digital Presentations Week
1.845 days ago - March 31, 2014


This week I was attending the online lectures of Quartel Digital , with a full program for digital marketing and the best speakers in the area.

This type of study allows always find new techniques to be applied to customers , reaching new heights and achievements; and always be updated with the market news.

See some of the talks I attended :

You’re in control of your personal brand : 10 steps to earn 10x more! ” By Bruno Ávila
Drifting : How to multiply by 10 the exposure of your content. ” By Alex Moraes
Demystifying Digital Marketing : The 3 Online Games. ” By Victor Damasio
How to Increase 10x in capturing emails from your list. ” By Henrique Carvalho
How to multiply your earnings at 10x with the use of affiliates. ” By Arlindo Armando
What happens when you manage an army of followers and fans. ” By Maurício Sampaio
TotalCopy : The secret words to sell 1 million. ” by Conrado Adolpho