ICONIC: I Animation & Concept Art Congress
842 days ago - August 4, 2015


ICONIC was the first 100% online congress that I’ve took part and one big change in Animation and Illustration area that happened in Brazil. It happened from August 04th to 10th at www.iconic.network

That was the schedule that I participated (I’ll translate their titles just to you understand what they’re about). Click to see more about each lecture.

How to use a Sketchbook in your Creative Process

By André Rocca

Why Pose and Silhouette Matter in Character Design

By Fernando Peque

Using Quick Sketch Art in Animation

By Carlos Luzzi

Intuitive Drawing: Improving your Stroke and Creativity

By Hiro Kamahara

Working in Shorts: The Journey of a Freelancer

By Henrique Lira

Saling for Opportunities in World after School

By Pedro Vergani

Action! Creating And Directing Your Own Project

By Jonas Brandão

How to Transform your Ideas into Real Projects

By Pedro Eboli

How To Be A Disciplined Artist And Create Good Habits

By Rael Lyra

Studying Animation And Concept Art Out Of Brazil

By Pedro Ivo

How To Improve Your Stories Through Storyboards

By Leo Matsuda

Harmonizing Your Painting Colors

By Jovan de Melo

The Importance Of Themes And Character Design

By William Chamorro

Elements Of A Good Story And Script

By Fabio Yabu

Artistically Developing Your Perception Of World And Art

By Tiago Hoisel

How To Think Your Characters From A New Angle

By Paulo Muppet